Script to grant all of your Facebook group members Admin-status without using the Facebook API
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Power to the People

Ruby script to grant all members of your Facebook group admin-status

Anarchia Total and such.

sudo apt-get install xvfb ruby ruby-dev gem && gem install watir watir-scroll headless

Download Geckodriver (I used 0.18.0) from and add it to your path.
Use it like this:

ruby power-to-the-people.rb Username Password

Known Issue

  • If you don’t run it headless every 10th or so click might get captured by Facebooks Quick-Help button.
    Those people will not become admins then.
  • I added watir-scroll to prevent that, unfortunately it’s buggy.
  • Gets you banned from Facebook because it’s a bot. Increase the amount of sleep-seconds to avoid that (..or use the API lel).