Victor Giers giers10

Mac OS Workflow to automatically rename audio files per right click in "Artist - Title.filetype" (i.e. "Michael Jackson - Billy Jean.mp3")

Updated 1 month ago

Tool to display Walter Giers' notebooks either chronologically or in random order

Updated 5 months ago

Several helper functions for improved random number generation

Updated 6 months ago

Updated 7 months ago

compositor for 2d glitch effects

Updated 7 months ago

Utilizes Blender (headless) and Processing to generate images (3D and 2D renderings) for the webshop

Updated 8 months ago

Bash-script to automatically back up files in a given list via git version control

Updated 10 months ago

compositor for 2d shader

Updated 1 year ago

toasts hens

Updated 1 year ago

A lecture, on Mars, of Skip Mantletons "Mars is stupid" (1974), read by Brian.

Updated 1 year ago

3D model of a Tezos coin for everyone to use

Updated 1 year ago

Arbeitsablage für Dokumentation der Abschlussarbeit an der HBK Saar für den Titel Master of Arts in Media Art and Design (REUPLOAD der Repo von 2019)

Updated 1 year ago

Game Engine for 3D games with pre-rendered background in the browser

Updated 1 year ago

A fake command line interface written in p5.js and Processing 3

Updated 1 year ago

Betriebssystem mit deprimierender Wirkung (REUPLOAD der Repo von 2018)

Updated 2 years ago