69 Commits (master)

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  Victor Giers 097a66643a added WebCam 3 months ago
  Victor Giers 92a72d1851 removed unused binary programs 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 037de04e5c removed clutter 1 year ago
  Victor Giers a8ebbd48ae added a sox-effect base-class, implemented several sonification-effects. need to have sox installed to use (brew install sox) 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 31c8bb45a9 improved fxwebp 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 65cd4bd3af added function to change render resolution by typing the number in (need to have the GUI as active window), fixed a bug where adding a slow effect crashed the program if you add it first after changing the image 1 year ago
  Victor Giers ae3644fa07 got rid of clutter 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 5d3d4ce77e streamlined webp corruption to a absolute maximum bro i'm a beast w/ this 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 8832351b4a added very early version of fxWEBPCorruption 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 9e0764e282 added fxJPGHexGlitch 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 6a99b0b8e0 added fxJPGHexGlitch 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 776ef38ec8 added fxSegmenter, made it easier to implement new effects 1 year ago
  Victor Giers e0246d19ec fixed a bug where the source image would fall back to cat instead of the last image loaded after disabling webcam mode 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 3b59eb8827 added webcam-mode and autoplay-mode 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 700f2593dc moved keyboard and mouse controls to main java file 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 7b6c649eac fixed a bug where moving a layer to trash would swap it and remove the swapped one instead if the maximum ui height was exceeded with layers 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 555d729879 readded failsave mechanism, less crashes 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 7352ce357d fixed a bug where the viewport would be cut off by the window if the windows height was smaller than the viewports height 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 7ced4910e6 added fxStreaker 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 8bb9509e45 fixed a bug where fxLens would give wrong results if a target lens image had a direction of 1 or 3, added fxSlicer 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 49a015c2bc renamend for easier use from the repo 1 year ago
  Victor Giers 0346865a82 oops habs verpeilt jetzt muessts gehen 1 year ago
  Victor Giers e814e15261 should build 1 year ago
  Victor Giers f37e8b7025 added fxImageLens 2 years ago
  Victor Giers af070b6edc added fxLZ77 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 79aa5861cd added fxVHS 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 003d4f837c added fxWrongQSort 2 years ago
  Victor Giers d1fce0b800 added fxDripDrip 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 20eb0d3f72 added fxPixelDrifter and fxDrawGenerative 2 years ago
  Victor Giers c14bf5d7e0 fixed a bug where the effects woudlnt re-apply if a new image was loaded 2 years ago
  Victor Giers d93cb7a92c effect layers that do not change will no longer be recalculated every frame, this makes it much faster to work manually 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 81b07d7053 added MASK, fixed a bug in fxWahWah 2 years ago
  Victor Giers fbe437c08b asdfpixelsort now has a direction parameter 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 9ae953ecb4 removed fxPixelSort from the effect list. this was pointing to a very outdated pixelsort algorithm which might be rewritten in the future 2 years ago
  Victor Giers a533f9e404 added fxScanker 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 6d3e1127cb added fxSubtleSort 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 297f761a76 added fxCopyZoom 2 years ago
  Victor Giers fc56d0209b added fxGrauzone 2 years ago
  Victor Giers e9ae212d6b added license (CC-BY-SA 4.0), blanko readme file 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 5a6f24c1aa added fxDual. also movies no longer jump randomly, they just play normally now 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 9f372b565b added fxDual. also movies no longer jump randomly, they just play normally now 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 0843d4d068 minor performance increase 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 2209ad70f2 no more pixel interpolation in viewport, meaning sharp pixel edges for low-resolution-images, not only after rendering, but visible in viewport. 2 years ago
  Victor Giers adf84a3716 fix: brokencolorrot now properly named in active effec list 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 811b0d0b10 added fxPosterize 2 years ago
  Victor Giers c4ab2a4916 added fxAMPLIFY, renamed fxHSB to fxBROKENCOLORROT 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 9c46ec26cb added fxBrighter (threshold kinda buggy) 2 years ago
  Victor Giers d7bdf69a93 added scrollbar, added button to render in images native resolution 2 years ago
  Victor Giers c5f346d32d the GUI now has a maximum height. added functionality to scroll through effect-list if height is exceeded 2 years ago
  Victor Giers 22369796a5 added fxDarker 2 years ago