Interface for the configuration of genes
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Interface for easy configuration of genes

What are we doing and why are we doing it?

The Problem

  • People are not aware of where genetic engineering might be going

The future problem

  • People cannot make babies for biological or psychical reasons
  • People cannot make babies alone or in teams of more than two
  • Assembly of genes in the process of human reproduction is mostly random, which makes a terrible starting point

The Solution

  • Digital user interface that let’s you assemble a healthy humans’ gene-sequence out of your own or yours and your partner(s) regardless the amount, gender or fertility so you can let people in the lab know exactly how they should assemble the genes you send them.

Who are we?

Bernard Seip, student at the University of Applied Sciences of Trier
Victor Giers, student at the College of Fine Arts Saarbrücken

What do we need?

We’re open!

How can I contribute?

Our code of conduct is still in the making.
Feel free to contact us!


If you’re having problems with the software please file an issue.
For everything else:
We’d love to hear from you!