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hic is a hicetnunc browser to run hicetnunc as an app, locally on your computer.

Linux: Download

$ md5sum hic-0.0.1.AppImage
> 8978c640ad3ac860f0e7f2150ab8a0dd  hic-0.0.1.AppImage

Mac: Download

$ md5sum hic-0.0.1.dmg
> da5869ca0dad66fcd3f323438f7679ec  hic-0.0.1.dmg

Windows: Download

$ md5sum hic-0.0.1.exe
> 659225bb2d9c737658a5f94f21865574  hic-0.0.1.exe


This repository contains the code to compile hic as a binary file for various platforms using electron-builder.
HEN is served as static site using electron-serve.

npm i  

toast a hen with

npm run toast
npm run toast:w //windows
npm run toast:l //linux
npm run toast:m //mac