Overview of where to find which fields of interest to study. Connecting universities, colleges, professors.
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Overview of fields of interests

“Connecting universities, colleges, professors.” was one of the main reasons to establish the internet.
Nowadays, everything is connected seamingly naturally anyway.
We want an easy way of discovering fields of study that exist. What do all these schools actually talk about, what do they do? Who are their professors? What are the current projects and papers they work on, where to find them (feed (rss?))? How to reach out to the people involved (table/feed of eMail-adresses)?
Professors who share the same fields of interest most likely know about each other. The students do not.
In order to enable students, about-to-become-students or external people who whish to do work or research with academics to find their right spot we need to build a bridge between them and the professors right there.


There are a lot of projects which aim at the same goal. So far it appears most of them are biased, flawed, or do either only offer a list of schools OR communication between schools, all of them lack a timeline.
Research needs to be done.
https://www.google.com/search?q=universities+search+engine ..
There is also a List of universities and colleges by country on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_universities_and_colleges_by_country