Simple editor to create custom node network graphs aka ontologies
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Simple Ontology

Define some truth !

Create custom node network graphs aka ontologies.
Tool to make ontological network topologies with.
Has saving and reopening functionality and exports images.
Smallest alternative to protégé, ONTOLIS or OntoStudio.

Dark color scheme example Bright color scheme example

How to use
Add nodes by clicking on “Add Node”.
Select a node by clicking on it and type on your keyboard to give it a title / rename it.
Link nodes by dragging “wires” out of the inlets / outlets and plug them into another nodes inlets / outlets (inspired from Blenders node based shading and compositing system).
You can only connect black with red / red with black. Black is inlet, red is outlet. You can not connect inlet with inlet or outlet with outlet.

You need Java 1.8 to run the builds.


  • Subtitles and image-import for each node
  • Seperately render UI from workspace
  • Database
  • Make workspace dragable / movable (like Google maps)
  • draw only when necessary (more events) (ditch Processing?)
  • Test if it runs on windows
  • Even more testing!

Pretty sure I’m gonna leave it as is for the time being though.