Utilizes Blender (headless) and Processing to generate images (3D and 2D renderings) for the webshop
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Render Images for Webshop

Tool to render images of pictures in 3D spaces (as well as a detail-cutout and a passepartout version) for my webshop.
Works on Windows and Mac

Python Script to mass-convert PNG to JPG
Bash Script to place a transparent image onto another image usind convert combine

  • Run in Processing 3 or 4
  • Drag & Drop an image file on the “GIB BILD” screen to continue to the next menu
  • Type in the measurements of your image in centimeters.
    Choose which images you want to render with the toggles. “Passepartout” and “Detail” are handled by processing, the others are toggles to run Blender headlessly with a certain script.
    I didn’t include my .blend files in this repository because they are several gigabytes so “livingroom” and “bedroom” won’t work. I did, however, include a basic .blend file in this repository which you can use as a template for your own scenes.
    The .blend-file needs an object called “Canvas” with a diffuse texture node called “Image Texture” at position 0,0,0. The “Glass”-object just like the “Bar…” and “Corner…”-objects (for the frame) are mandatory as well.
    Press “Enter” to continue to the next menu
  • If you selected “Detail” you now get to select which part of the image should be rendered for the detail-image.
  • On Mac, the Terminal pops up for each instance of Blender you’re running headlessly now. It displays the render progress. This won’t happen on windows (cmd is a b*tch)
    Out come beautiful images as seen on https://victorgiers.com/glitch-art/shop