Betriebssystem mit deprimierender Wirkung (REUPLOAD der Repo von 2018)
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“Depression Operating System” or “Depressed Operating System” or “Depressing Operating System”

_Status: release


This repo contains the configuration files for archiso to build deprOS.
deprOS is a live OS that is made for browsing the internet via Tor Browser. It comes with openbox windowmanager giving the user a reconfigured version of tor-browser in fullscreen.

You could turn this into a practical Tor-Browser live OS by reseting userChrome.css, rc.xml,, and prefs.js. That’s not what I intended this software for, but whatever - copyleft

A website local website emulates a desktop environment.
You can download the latest build here: link


To build an Arch based custom live OS all you need is a system with archiso and pacman.


deprOS was first built on a slightly reconfigured installation of Arch Linux as distributed on 2018.11.01 (archlinux-2018.11.01-x86_64.iso) with the kernel taken as is.
We then used archiso to recreate it as live-OS.
Arch is good because of its conveniences and hardware support.
The Arch installation can still use some slimming down, it is still slightly bigger than 700mb.
After booting deprOS it automatically logs in as root (root is the only user) and gives the user a shell-based WiFi-selection (wifi-menu) if internet connection is not present.
After internet connection was established, deprOS starts xinit with an openbox-session which has the tor-browser in its autostart, directing it to an index.html file present in file:///root.index.html, which contains the website that is the “desktop”.
The browser is slightly reconfigured, it comes with a custom addon (deprOS-shutdown to shut down the OS from the browser) and custom design which tries to hide as much as possible from the user.
Changes were made to tor-launcher and tor-button.

deprOS comes with Arch’s universal video drivers xf86-video-vesa and pulseaudio.
It’s a bit of a pain to get pulseaudio running as root, but not having a user is part of the concept.

Steps to reproduce building deprOS in a nutshell:

  • install archiso
  • copy releng example config file
  • run


  • concept how to handle keyboard (remove all keyshortcuts from system or disable entirely? don’t want user to browse sites which are not depressing)
  • finish frontend, make it dynamic for later
  • keyboard layouts autodetect? wtf
  • “Meh..” - Error Messages --> Locale files
  • water-proof display detection (Xauthority?)


deprOS depresses you and / or your computer.
It offers as little interaction and configuration as necessary.
It’s a live operating system for your computer that comes on an USB stick. If you stick it into your computer, it should boot into deprOS instead of your usual operating system.
Taking control over systems away from the user makes things easier. While gaining proportionally less control, we have access to a huge amount of more and more information.
I believe parts of these two trends are not healthy and we the people have not found good ways of dealing with these parts yet. Or is it just me?
deprOS plays right into the vicious cycle of being informationally overfed and using dumb (aka smart) and restrictious interfaces. This is satire.
It also plays with the spoiled gluttony of having food, drugs, communication, sex and even intel at the very tip of your finger. All you have to do is click.